Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Trampoline Jumping for 40-Year-Old Women" Instructional Video

I am proud to say that I am getting close to mastering the front-aerial-somersault/cross-legged/lift/jump/twirl/(newly added) cartwheel routine.

The trampoline in my backyard is huge, taking up a third of the space, and is a source of delight and distraction for my boys and, now, me.

However, always posed to me by alarmed others not in my tribe is the question, “Don’t you worry about the boys falling off? Don’t you have one of those trampoline enclosure nets? What if they end up in the emergency room with broken bones?”

Well, no, I am not too alarmed as mine is the 14-FOOT AIRZONE TRAMPOLINE (notice the all-capital letters) that allows for hugacious bounces. And, no, to the enclosure nets as I have witnessed my boys at their friends houses’ where trampolines are well-netted like a newborn’s head, overprotected in her carseat by doughnut-folded material, allowing for NO movement whatsoever (ergo, no neck strength development, in my mind). What I HAVE seen is boys THROWING themselves at the so-called safety net, which leaves me wondering how much safer that option is to my own large trampoline where all the neighborhood boys tend to congregate and stay centered.

Anyway, I am a busy working mama, legal interpreter with lots of professional demands that I counterpoise with moments of fun with my two boys. And, since they love the trampoline, I think, I love the trampoline, too. “Hey, Mom [bounce, bounce], can you do THIS? [bounce, bounce, somersault].

“Sure I can!” After all, I am a serious runner who has continued my sport in 100-degree hot temperatures and in 17-below-zero frigid cold. [Bounce, bounce, jump, somersault, bottom-landing/bounce.] And sure enough, I could! “This shall be my new cross-training exercise since I can’t seem to get to the gym for weight-lifting!” I happily proclaimed.

Nonetheless, while I have my weird, weird ways (celebrated by my Goddesses), I must admit that I do have a sensible streak, so recently, before my 12th annual 7.5 mile Bloomsday road race, I put my trampolining on hold as I didn’t want to risk injury because I have been known to have some serious falls, bloody scrapes, and bone breaks.

My race was run-tastic and Bloom-icious, but life goes on, and new challenges have cropped up for me as an already cleft-palate mama whose second baby needs more surgery in the coming months and new opportunities have arisen for my oldest (more to come on that). A light-hearted purple-itudeness has been just what I needed, so back to the trampoline I returned. And quite proudly, too. I even posted on my beloved Facebook, “Lynne has made my post-Blooms-edifying return to aerial somersault-ification and flip-struction on the trampoline this evening!” (May 14, 2009)

But promptly in my Facebook inbox was an email from a concerned “friend” who was worried about my “uterus falling out because of all that jumping.” Wordy me, I felt speechless at that but was able to muster the response that, “In addition to my daily run, I incorporate several sets of Kegal exercises throughout the day. But, truly, thanks for the concern!”

Sigh. The naysayers in life.



But [said longingly]…

But… I am SO, SO CLOSE to mastering the front aerial somersault/cross-legged/lift/jump/twirl/ (and newly added) cartwheel…plus, as of tonight, the back somersault-to-feet-twist!

The frame of my life isn’t easy now, but I am creating moments. And those in my tribe say, “Brag AND post a video on Facebook! Cool! I bet your kids love it, too! You’ve got to be one of the coolest mamas around!

“Plus, you’ll love looking back at the video years from now.”

Sooooo…coming soon…Trampoline Jumping for 40-Year-Old Women, Instructional Video!

I have to go now…Goddess Schawn is warming up her camera…

Love life, engage in it, give it all you've got. Love it with a passion, because life truly does give back, many times over, what you put into it. (Maya Angelou)

LL (trampolynne), 5/21/2009. Prevail.


  1. Can I get an AMEN?! You go, sister girl! (And as for the uterus question, even if it were remotely possible that such a thing could happen, might I just suggest--as one who has had hers recently removed--once you're done with baby-making uteruses are highly overrated. A reasonable sacrifice for joy, I'd say--haha.) :)

  2. My Goat Seesta has very interesting friends indeed. No, no. I mean that as a compliment. The best kind of compliment.

    Prevail, Tattoo Girl!

  3. I was just running past one of those magnificent trampolines this morning thinking how REFRESHING a couple of bounces would be. I can't wait for the video!