Thursday, January 13, 2011

January 9, 2011, journal entry, Things that Are White (and Make Me Wickedly Happy)

Five miles.

It doesn’t take me long to run five miles today, although it feels like FOREVER to decide if I should YakTrax my run or not. I like running in snow…I like running in rain…I tolerate the wind…but I really don’t like the in-between stage where snow melts and freezes, melts and freezes…producing the many slippery textures of snow…where there is enough blacktop to not wear YakTrax and yet plenty of ice to warrant them. After briefly testing the slippery factor, I decide to take it slowly without my YakTrax and run big and face traffic as opposed to my habit of late, where I run with the traffic to please my lower lumbar/hamstring. But I’m gonna take it slow so that I don’t have to be looking down the whole time…

I stay on main roads, but the main roads are not immune to patches of black ice where, like the expletive slip of the tongue, my step slips and I catch myself…and my tongue…and let the expletives slip. I remind myself that I am relieved to be running again, no matter how slow I go. And amidst patches of ice and blacktop, I watch crows and crows and waves and waves of Canada geese who fly overhead in regular intervals, reminding me of the waves and waves of visitors and visitors that flow in 20 minute intervals into the Seattle Art Museum’s Picasso exhibit.

And remembering that I am running again AND recalling my whirlwind YAY-Happy-41st-birthday-to-me trip to Seattle to see the Picasso exhibit, earthquake (which I didn’t notice, by the way) and all, I am wickedly happy to be running in the many textures of white snow.

Things that Are White (and Make Me Wickedly Happy)

The white heads and tails of the bald eagles and bald eagles and bald eagles I have seen wintering temporarily in Wolf Lodge and Beauty Bays along Lake Coeur d’Alene, feeding on the spawning Kokanee salmon…simply A.M.A.Z.I.N.G…

And the white speckles in the brown plumage of the young bald eagle on her way to her bright white head and tail.

(By the way, the most memorable of 2010 for me?!?! Watching the complete nesting season of the bald eagle, from nest preparation, to egg incubation and hatching, to the eaglets emerging with their adorable awkward flapping of wings, to fledging, and finally, flying and soaring. Again, simply A.W.E.S.O.M.E.)

That how cool would it have been if the bald eagle was my first bird of 2011! No matter! I am thrilled that the black-capped chickadee with her white sides ended up being my first bird of the year cuz, after all, I did get to watch the complete nesting season of the bald eagle! And I am wickedly relieved that the pigeon or the seagull was NOT my first bird of the year...whew!

Watching the black crow crowing atop the very top of a 125 foot white-snowed pine tree, this gorgeous glossy black crow, who has absolutely NO fear of heights...

The covers of my current reads.

Waves and waves of Canada geese that fly northeast and southwest, passing each other in their own sky airways…and how they remind me of the waves and waves of visitors entering the Seattle Art Museum’s Picasso exhibit like the waves and waves of Bloomsday’s second seed, yellow, green, orange, blue, lilac, and red. How my Bloomsday experience of running through and with crowds and crowds comes quite in handy as I am able to nimbly and calmly maneuver myself through the crowds and crowds of people and savor for hours this A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and A.W.E.S.O.M.E exhibit.

Seeing the Picasso exhibit, 150 pieces and more in total, at the Seattle Art Museum, on loan from the Paris Museum, a viewing of a lifetime…like the viewing of the entire nesting season of the bald eagle.

Oh, yeah, I am seriously wickedly wicked happy.

GL, 1/9/2011. Prevail.

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