Thursday, June 16, 2011

June 11, 2011, journal entry

Eight miles.

What a busy run I had today!

Barely two blocks in, I see the most P.E.R.F.E.C.T half-eggshell of brown-speckled blue-tivity near the abandoned building where weeds and hyacinths, starlings and sparrows squat. I am wickedly wicked glad that I carry Ziploc bags for such finds in my 5K waist-pack...which is not quite zipped cuz it’s stuffed to the gills with my small journal, pencil, acorns, precious copper pennies, and feathers.

Then not one breath later, I hear, then see the grand wing beat of the great blue heron landing on the branch of a nearby tall evergreen. “Dude!” I shout louder than I mean to, stopping suddenly in my tracks. No water nearby, I wonder why he has chosen this tree at this time. I think this gorgeous guy must have recognized me and stopped to say HIIIII! on his way from water to water. And I can’t understand why the drivers of passing cars don’t stop to see what I see as I stand in the middle of the road and excitedly point towards this tree.

The lilac season is winding down…at farmers’ markets, I purchase bouquets and bouquets and bouquets of fresh lilacs…purple, white-lined purple, white, and lilac lilacs. I simply can’t get enough, and I simply cannot pass by lilacs without burying my nose in their yummy fragrance. Simply yummily yummy and wickedly wicked delicious.

And Hazel’s Creek…I {heart} this cat-tailed marsh with her red-winged blackbirds who volley their trills to each other. Unfortunately, my path is suddenly blocked by a newly erected fence…UGH! No matter! I stubbornly climb the metal, leading with my left leg so as not to strain my lower back…ergo, my right hamstring…’cause I am wickedly wicked happy to be running pain-free…

And then the rain…and the smell of coming rain (yes, I can smell imminent rain storms…my farm girl background, perhaps? Who knows…)! Despite the fact that Wind has been whipping up dust and leaves, making me think I underdressed in my running skirt, She stops, and rain drops in mini-bricks...and I think, WOWZA…I have had a busy run! How wickedly happy I am to be running despite my numb-cold hands…and the fact that I am completely soaked.

I turn the corner for the last leg of my run, and I see yet another eggshell of blue-tivity, brown speckled, just like the half-shell I found in the beginning of my run…and in the same place. Two pieces of the same egg? I’m gonna think so…just like I’m gonna think that that great blue heron was Oliver…and that he did indeed recognize me.

Simply because it makes me wickedly wicked happy.


A Very Busy Run and Other Things I {Heart} that Make Me Wickedly Wicked Happy

I {heart} National Poetry Month.

Haiku!!! I {heart} the five-seven-five seventeen…and haiku in any number of syllables.

Wicked…and misunderstood Elphaba…

I {heart} the farmers’ market. Despite the rain and cool weather, I wear sundresses each and every time I go to the market to buy purple potatoes, spring sweet pea shoots, and purple speckled romaine lettuce.

Pasta blackened by squid ink…I {heart} it with my farmers’ market veggies…

Manito Park’s duck pond {happy sigh}…the Peace I feel there…immediately…

I {heart} blue and white and brown-speckled shell-tivity.

I {heart} lilacs. Do I hug lilacs so much because their season is so short? I’d like to think that I would bury my pierced nose in their blooms each time I passed by them even if they remained longer than six weeks.

Oh, and I {heart} my newly pierced nose.

I {heart} Oliver.

And crows.

I {heart} my FAB.U.LOUS Lady GaGa-esque flashing-light glasses I wore while playing at Silverwood Theme Park in my floor-length pink sundress.

I {heart} Lady Gaga. I know…{heart} the Indigo Girls, Tracy Chapman, Train…and Lady GaGa…go figure!

Lady GaGa’s Born this Way…{heart} {heart} {heart} … DEFINITELY my theme song.



GL, 6/11/2011. Prevail.

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  1. I love this entry. A full meal plus dessert. AND the after dinner drink. Spared no expense.