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Journal entry, September 21, 2013, the Autumnal Equinox

Five miles.

As I start my pre-run walk around half of Manito Park’s Mirror Pond, this time to the right, I listen to the ducks conversing, their feathers turning neutral beige from the glossy forest green of Summer. My legs feel stiff, the stiffness typical after a great race. My quads and hamstrings are sore, their tightness beyond what I should have felt after my jog yesterday where I runningly climbed the hill on 29th from Cherry Street to Freya, ¾ of a mile, straight up.

I think the reason I am sore is that I spent 2 ½ hours straight dancing with the Goddesses last night. We didn’t talk much, but we did boogy the night away under the Full Moon with all of our groovy moves as Goddess Tara DJ’ed reggae.


We gather monthly, carving time in our schedules. My fab nurse Shari asked me recently how it is that 15ish women, busy with children, work, and school, are able to meet on such a regular basis. It’s that we love and cherish this time together. We have deep moments of light (making mud mustaches in rain) and light moments of depth (sharing stark stories in a light step).


I think of one of my favorite trees, the aspen, with its green to gold leaves that glitter in wind, reminiscent of a vintage crystal chandelier in a thrift store and prevalent in cattailed Mabel’s Creek, where I frequently run.

Aspens actually are not individual trees. In fact, each “tree” can live for years and years, but its one root system…what connects them all…is long-lived, an ancient woodland. Because their roots are grounded so deeply, aspens can survive fires and send new Pheonix-like shoots (love you, Mindi the Magnificent) growing upwards and afterwards.


This is how we are, we Goddesses, holding each other as fiery aches unfurl, whether the fire is a brain bleed, cancer, leg surgery on a runner, assault, divorce, or just simply a bad day…or a good or even a great day, too. It’s the roots that can’t be seen or understood that knit us together as women in a colony, a cat’s cradle.


So how can we not make sure this time is carved in stone as it heals us. We eat all kinds of wonderful vegetably things, drink water and wine, dance, cry and laugh, get a little raunchy, and circle. The Gathering is like Communion that propels us through the month with some serious momentum…until barely two weeks later which finds us emailing and planning for our next gathering and deciding what we will celebrate and honor.

We may not know all of the specific details about each of our lives, but we are getting there as scraps of memory hurtle across our minds and words bump against experiences in life which we weave into sentences and stories shared with each other. And as we continue to look into each other’s eyes, bowing at waist and not the head, we say to each other, “I see YOU. And you see ME”.


What makes me wickedly wicked happy

~our monthly Goddess Gatherings

~Julia and her No Worries Farm. There is no other place that is so perfect, so safe. When there, time suspends...

~all the kiddos who keep it all real!

~the gifts of art that each of us bring

~Julia …writing and sewing (girl, you make a sewing machine cosmopolitan chic!)

~Krysta …henna tattoos and music

~Sheridan…EVERYTHING! Er, I mean, painting, writing, henna, collage, etc., etc, etc.

~Tara…your dancing…you winner of dance competitions with your worm move! Oh, yeah! And your guidance

~Maggie…your painting leaves me breathless

~Same to you, Priscilla!

~Mindi the Magnificent…your writing blows me away, especially your piece "PTSD, not Just the Military"

~AnneMarie…your glitter girl jewelry

~Kelly…your gardening and cheese

~Heidi…the art of how you model body image to Maeve

~Carol…your collages and jewelry making (I can’t wait to see your acorn pendants!)

~Jeannie…your ever evolving crown

~Shelly…your enduring grace and encouragement

~Angela…your wild red hair side that has us all in love with you

~Sagi…your prevailing through leg surgery and your philosophic discussions. You are BRILLIANT (said in a sing-song voice)

~Garden…well, your Garden and concoctions!

~and who else am I missing! Please add their names and their magic!



So how can we not meet? Saturday is our next gathering. We will be honoring the birthdays of Sagi, Krysta, and Sheridan. And brain bleed anniversaries. When Mindi shaved her head anniversary for St. Baldricks two years ago. Sheridan and her own anniversary and how she is serving others. And more.

I love these women. They are my Goddesses.

GL, 9/21/lucky-13. Prevail.

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