Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Haiku 3


An obscured ingress
Secrets are eaten like cake
Don’t call it my choice.


Pine-skirted marshes
Rangy green and purple weeds
A reparation.


Unfurled on one knee
Purple, yellow, orange shadows
A slope-shouldered stance.

LL, 4/12/2009. Prevail.


  1. You have found a voice. Or perhaps a new gesture for truth would be more correct. They are wonderful. Let image talk beyond the words, don't let the images obscure the truth

  2. WOW! I have been missing out. I love your voice. Keep going. It's an oasis. Thanks.

  3. I read your three haikus from the bottom up. Don't know why, just did. When I finished the top one a chill went through my body. Very odd because I haven't a clue what the first one really means. But somehow, the words have power even so.

  4. Woah. She is totally right about the backward thing.